Cream City Hostel

Milwaukee’s First Hostel

Coming Spring 2019 to

Riverwest/Harambee Neighborhood


Cream City Hostel aims to be a destination for world-wide, adventure-oriented and budget oriented travelers in the Riverwest/Harambee neighborhood in Milwaukee. Cream City Hostel will provide a safe place for travelers to stay, provide an authentic experience of Milwaukee and fosters diverse social experiences among guests and the community.


Want to support Cream City Hostel? Claim your perk today with our live Indiegogo campaign from pajama parties, walking/biking tours, a night stay, a movie night in the yard & More!

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Meet the Owners:
Wendy Mesich, Owner Carolyn Weber,
Founder & Owner Juli Kaufmann, Developer Fix Development


500 East Center Street | Milwaukee, WI 53212 | | +1 414 324 1534

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