As of April 30th we are reopening the hostel.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has had a serious impact on businesses across the board, hospitality included. The hostel, though open again, has made changes to accommodate and protect our staff and guests during this time. We took the time during these last six weeks to determine best practices for COVID-19 prevention at the hostel as Wisconsin has been under the Stay-at-Home orders, deep clean the entire hostel and work on projects.

We are reopening for long term stays of 7, 14 or 30 day stays until the end of July. We have private and bunk options and are limiting the bunks to one person per bunk during this time.

We are aware that there is a need for housing during this time and are offering affordable options for travelers who are stuck in Milwaukee, medical staff, those relocating to Milwaukee or waiting for their next apartment during this time. We are looking at opening stays less then 7 days as travel becomes safe again at the end of May.

Book on our website for 7, 14 or 30 days to make a reservation. Deposits are non-refundable.

To inquire about rates, or reserve a room, please call us at 414-510-2181 or email for more info.

CHECK IN HOURS are 6p to 7p or by appointment.

We are still welcoming travelers with extreme social distancing. Guests who arrive with a cough, signs of fever, or any cold-like symptoms will not be allowed to stay and referred to Milwaukee Health Dept. Every effort is being made to maintain extreme cleanliness including daily sanitizing services by staff and guests in the rooms and areas of the hostel. Cleaning products are available in all the areas for guests to use after using an area. We are asking all guests to use masks when in public and to take their temperature daily while staying at the hostel. We are keeping one room with a private bathroom separate for any cases that occur to isolate the guest.

The City of Milwaukee is under a Stay-at-Home order until midnight on Friday, May 26, meaning persons leaving for any reason other than essential activities like buying groceries, is not permitted. This order is being enforced.