Cream City Hostel started as an idea six years ago. Fueled by the love of traveling and staying at hostels while a college student- Carolyn started the journey post college to open Milwaukee’s first hostel.



We narrowed down to locating in the Riverwest neighborhood after numerous building tours in Walkers Point/Downtown area in a local Milwaukee Public School building that closed down 15 years ago. Historically the building was built in 1920 as Holton Street Community Bank- a locally owned bank. They closed down and it became a Head Start school for pre-k students. Now the building will host thousands of travelers around the world visiting Milwaukee.


Riverwest is a perfect neighborhood for a hostel with being the local diverse neighborhood with an offbeat DIY hippie vibe. Many of the locals stay at hostels and embrace the idea that the world is wider than our own city. Yet- Milwaukee celebrates our own history and culture deeply in our local festivals that happen every weekend all summer, at our local bars and breweries and the local food scene has exploded in the last ten years.



A hostel offers a different type of hospitality that has not been offered in Milwaukee- offering dorm-style affordable accommodations in which travelers and people from the greater Milwaukee area are able to stay and socialize in the common room areas and socialize within the Riverwest neighborhood, the local lakefront, downtown area, Martin Luther King Drive and the other neighborhoods surrounding Riverwest.

The excitement has been contiguous [thank you to all our Indiegogo Backers!] as we prepare for our first season this spring and we’re excited to show people the city we love- a city with deep socialist roots, expansive park system, world-renowned attractions such as our Art Museum and the diverse neighborhoods and people that make up Milwaukee.