Group Booking Benefits

Keep your group in one place
at an affordable price

Encourages socializing and
helps build connections

Cleaning costs included in the rental price

Group activities, bike tours and walking tours*

Optional catered breakfast for 15 or more*

An affordable conveniently located option

*Available upon request

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Host a Conference

Cream City Hostel is available for small conferences, bands, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, large events and other gatherings that bring 6+ people together.
We provide group rates and can help coordinate with local meeting spaces as needed. Please contact us if to see your events fits within our availability.

Send an email to

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Reserve the Backyard

Send us an email if you’re interested in holding a one-time or ongoing event in our backyard. Events should be community oriented and open to all hostel guests. If desired, we will help you coordinate with local food trucks to provide food for your event.

Send an email to

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1st Floor Amenities

20 beds available including 1 double bed

ADA Private Bathroom

Dorm Style Bathroom with 2  Showers

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2nd Floor Amenities

34 beds available including 3 double beds

ADA Private Bathroom

Dorm Style Bathroom with 2 Showers

Computer Workspace with 2 Computers

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Lower Level Amenities

Full Kitchen with Commercial Dishwasher,
Commercial Fridge, Microwave & Toaster Oven

Free Local Anodyne Coffee and Rishi Tea

Full Dining Area with 30 Seats

Lounge Area w/Games, Couches & TV w/DVD Player & Apple TV

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Neighborhood Amenities

3 Miles from the Heart of Downtown

45 Min. Walk / 15 Min. Bike Ride to Lakefront

Located on Major Bus Lines

Bublr Bikeshare Nearby

4 Breweries | 10 Local Restaurants
Numerous Bars | 2 Coffee Shops
3 Wellness Centers | 4 Spas/Salons
2 Bike Shops | 5 Yoga Studios
ALL within Walking Distance

Milwaukee River Trails & Bike Trails Nearby

6 Minute Bike Ride to Urban Ecology Center

Grocery Stores Nearby
feat. an
Organic Food Cooperative

Interconnected Community & Staff

East Side, Brady Street & MLK Drive Nearby

Local Bookstore | Local Radio Station

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Hostel Amenities

FREE Coffee & Tea | Free WiFi

Security Cameras & Individual Coded Locks

Full Self-Serve Kitchen | Onsite Laundry

30 Seat Dining Area | Large Backyard

Wheelchair Access | Elevator

Lounge Area with Games, Couches & TV

Bike Rentals On Site | 24-Hour Access

Limited Off Street Parking

Secure Storage Lockers | Privacy Curtains

All Linens, Blanket & Pillow Included

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