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March 26, 2020

One week into the world's first modern, unified lesson about the dangers of viruses, and I am lucky to say: my routine has sustained minimal damage. I do apologize sincerely if you can not say the same. Without a doubt however, and without fail, now is a great time to expand your knowledge! Maybe you already knew that...

Personally, I find that the hardest part about any kind of working from home, self-quarantine or not, is keeping my motivation up. This world is unforgiving and unpredictable, but it is the same world I love! Right now my near ear airwaves are filled with the sounds of Truckin', live from 1974! With that vibe to assist me, I move forward, even though my love is currently over-run by a minuscule organism we have named COVID-19. How is your quarantine going? 

Today Milwaukee Historian John Gurda is going to host a Zoom webinar, where he will talk about the history of Milwaukee. If you don't know what Zoom is: it's a video conferencing platform, and it is available for free download here

Listening to John Gurda speak for free, for an hour, from the comfort of your own home? This is a once in a lifetime chance! 

Are you interested in traveling to Milwaukee? The knowledge you will obtain from tomorrow's webinar will unlock for you the secrets of beautiful Cream City, and the core of your free spirit will remain intact! The freedom of spirit is powered by knowledge, is it not? 

In relation to the event, John Gurda's webinar, which is 2pm today (March 26th), you can check out the FB event page here, and then make sure to follow us on FB so you don't miss the notification of our FB live discussion after tomorrow's event. That live stream will be at 3:30pm, but also you also don't want to miss our future FB invites, so seriously, give us a follow! [Our post-virus party is gonna be lit]. 

--Spark Twain

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