Local Discount Program Spotlight: Company Brewing

Cream City Hostel


February 4, 2020

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If you're staying here at the Cream City Hostel, you might want to try a local brew. How about a very local brew? Company Brewing is just a couple blocks away from us. They brew their own beer, serve food, and showcase really great local music and other performances.

Brewed on-site, Company Brewing has about a dozen of their own beers on tap. They offer flights so he can sample a few different flavors and if one hits your tastebuds just right, you can get cans of some of their beers to go. Some of their tasty range includes Space Whistle (an Mosaic IPA), the Thousandfold (Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout), and the Oaky Doke (Oak Red Ale).

The dinner menu includes soup, salad, burgers (including an Impossible burger), a BLT, and entrees like mussels and fries and stuffed poblanos. Lots of good stuff on the weekend brunch menu, including eggs benedict, chicken and waffles, migas, and biscuits and gravy.

Company Brewing offers a nice mix of live music, including (but not limited to) jazz, funk, dance, hip hop, R&B, and more. Check out Company's site for upcoming events: www.companybrewing.com/music-events-calendar-1

Company Brewing
735 E. Center St. (2 blocks from Cream City Hostel)
Phone:(414) 930-0909
Website, including menu: www.companybrewing.com
Hours: Closed Monday, hours 4-bar close, kitchen 4-10pm, brunch Saturday & Sunday 10am-2pm

The Local Discount program gives discounts at local businesses for Cream City Hostel guests, including 10% off food and beverages at Company Brewing! 

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