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March 5, 2020

Hot by Ziggy offers a blast of reggae, funk, and "fresh coast" surf rock. They've been a hit at local fests like Summerfest, Brady Street Fest, and Center Street Daze.  New Barons Brewing Co-op even named a beer after them (Hopped by Ziggy). They have upcoming gigs March 29 in Madison and April 11 here in Milwaukee at the Captain Pabst Pilot House (formerly Pabst Brewery & Taproom). To learn more, we posed a few Hot By Ziggy questions to Dr. Tyler Dorshorst, a former band member who now helps with managing the group.

What is the current Hot by Ziggy lineup?
Eric (guitar, trumpet, vocals, strongest band member), Greg (guitar, drums, vocals), Phil (fatty bass), David (keys, sax, vocals), Andy (drums, guitar, melodica, keys, vocals).

When and how did the band come about?
It's all Eric’s fault that we're a band. A bunch of us knew each other from college where we used to jam. After we all moved to Milwaukee, we kept jamming in our attic. That’s when the covers slowly started turning to original tunes, but we really never had the intention of being a “band”- so naturally, Eric went out and told someone that he was definitely in a band and booked us a show. We quickly and officially became Hot By Ziggy (Shout out to Nina, the real chef). After a few shows we met Andy playing in former Milwaukee great band Perspective Heights. Down the road, Wage started jamming with us and never left!

For someone who hasn’t heard the band before, how would you describe the HBZ sound?
o A very eclectic sound. We all are lovers of music so our influences range from reggae, ska, surf, punk styles to funk, rock and metal. We like to write music we love to play. It allows us to jump around instruments and play with different sounds. If you catch a set, we always work hard to bring a feel good, high energy sound. Sometimes eric brings cheese and sausage plates.

Where are some of the places you’ve played around town?
o Our first show was back in 2013 at the Hotch Spot. We’ve been around the block … (literally too, Biju’s Block Party). We love playing music and are down to play whenever, wherever. We are SUPER THANKFUL for all the amazing people and venues around town that are helping build a music scene in Milwaukee and let us play music, in some cases taking a chance on us. Collectivo Backroom, Cactus Club, Pabst Taproom & Brewery, Shank Hall, Up & Under, Yield (RIP), BBC (Fun fact… HBZ was the last band to play BBC before it became HBC !), Fire on Water, Milwaukee Ale House, Walkers Point Music Hall, Sabbatic, Bremen Café, Frank’s Power Plant … Summerfest, Brady Street Fest, Center Street Daze …we love em all! We also rock Andy’s basement a lot.

Favorite Show so far?
That’s a tough one… We probably would have to go with the show at The Back Room at Colectivo supporting Lucky Boys Confusion (November 2019). It was a great crowd, with great energy. We had a bunch of friends and family around and it made for an amazing night! Our Just One More album release show with Passafire at Shank Hall has to be a close second. Passafire is an inspiration to a lot of us, so being able to play music with them was a treat. Honorable mention goes to the show that Eric booked one time, but never told anyone that he booked it (hey, at least we were actually a band though!)... but as the bunch of professionals we are, we showed up and rocked it hard.

Things band related you are excited for this year…
Sooo much! It's going to be a busy year for us... we got a bunch of great shows we are pumped about, booking more shows, and booking studio time to release more music. We got some great new stickers and awesome t-shirts too, you can get from us at any show :). 2020 is going to be the hottest year yet for us!

Check out these awesome opportunities:
* March 29 – High Noon Saloon Madison, WI - Supporting a band we love, Tropidelic. This show will be off the charts with energy. We are super thankful to get to play with these guys…if you’ve ever seen a show, you know why!
· Tickets: CLICK HERE

*April 11 – Captain Pabst Pilot House (formerly Pabst Brewery & Taproom) – Supporting Passafire. It's just an honor to be able to play music with people that inspire you to play music. Plus they rock way hard!
· Tickets: CLICK HERE

[Captain Pabst Pilot House is 2.5-3 miles away from the Cream City Hostel. You can catch the 15 and transfer to the 33 bus to get there.]

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