Share a Bunk With a Steampunk: Gardens & Gears Steampunk Faire Feb.29

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February 22, 2020

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Steampunk is a fun subculture with an aesthetic that is Industrial Revolution meets sci-fi. It's Victorian rocketships, H.G. Wells traveling through a portal to the future, cowboys on Mars, all that type of stuff.  Steampunks tend to be creative, smart people who not only come up with some pretty incredible costumes, but also create art, crafts, works of fiction, and music. Steampunks meet up at events all around the world to meet up and have an old-timey/futuristic good time.

Some popular steampunk events in Wisconsin include Geneva Steam Convention, which is happening next month March 13-15 in Delavan and TeslaCon which has a War of the Worlds theme this year and takes place November 5-8 this year near Madison in Middleton.

You can also catch a great steampunk event this weekend at the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (commonly known as the Domes),  the Gardens & Gears Steampunk Faire. The Domes are one of our favorite places to visit in winter. The Domes are a nice place to soak up some warmth and fresh air among the plant life in the beautiful Tropical, Desert, and Show Domes. The Faire will be attended by some well-dressed steampunks and will feature craft vendors, and food and drink will be available.

Gardens & Gears Steampunk Faire
Saturday, February 29, 9am-4pm
Mitchell Park Domes (524 S. Layton Blvd)
Event is free with admission to the Domes, which is $8/adult. More info:

[The Domes are about 5 miles away from the Hostel, a 10-15 minute drive. You can also get there from here by catching the 21 or 22 bus, then transferring to the Purple Line.]

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