Carolyn Weber- Owner

Carolyn is an Illinois native who grew up in the northern Chicago suburbs. A longtime Riverwest resident, she moved to Milwaukee to pursue a library science degree. During college, Carolyn did a lot of traveling and fell in love with hostels in San Francisco, New York, Maibi, India, and other cities. Carolyn is a bike mechanic and the owner of Coast In Bikes, which she opened in 2013. Her hobbies include traveling, bike touring/camping, community organizing and books.

Wendy Mesich - Owner

Wendy is a community organizer with deep roots in Riverwest. She helped start the neighborhood’s food coop as well as its cooperative bar, and she is one of the core organizers of the annual Riverwest24 bike ride. She joined the Cream City Hostel team as an owner because she loves this neighborhood and the city of Milwaukee, and she wants to show them off . She’s excited about having the world come to her in our amazing space. Wendy is an avid reader whose hobbies include board games and community organizing.

Julie Kaufmann- Developer Fix Development & RiverBee LLC

In addition to her involvement with Cream City Hostel, Julie has played a major role in numerous place-based development projects in Milwaukee, including the Sherman Phoenix, Purple Door Ice Cream, Clock Shadow Creamery and the Tandem, all of which have become cornerstones of their communities. Her work focuses on creating small businesses and local jobs using community-based funding options.

Our Investors

Riverbee LLC convened 60 local investors to make the building purchase and build-out possible. We are also thankful for the support of individual donors to our Indiegogo campaign.
None of this would be doable without all of you.

When I travel, the main thing I miss is having a sense of community. In Milwaukee, I found authentic experiences and genuine connections.