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April 8, 2020

By Carolina Souza

I know that in quarantine, dealing with anxiety can be difficult, so don't view this as me adding one more thing for you to do on your list. This post is a demonstration of my encouragement for you to go through this moment in the best possible way. Now is a great time to do something like learn a new language. 

Your motivation might being different from mine, but I believe that the first thing we should keep in mind when looking for bilingualism is curiosity and not obligation. If you don't like Spanish, but think you have to learn it because many people speak Spanish, you are putting an additional obstacle in your path and not using admiration or personal preference as motivation.

The second fundamental piece is to constantly remember YOU ARE NOT A NATIVE OF THE LANGUAGE and because of that, the communication will not be perfect and it need not be as long as it is sufficient according to the time and need.

And the third is the understanding that the spoken language must be a cultural expression and a historical construction of a people or community, so it is not detached from habits and customs, which makes it important that you have contact with films, TV series, music and books, because that way the sources of learning will be more diverse and fun, allowing you to overcome the monotony and difficulties encountered. It is interesting to note that constant contact brings more progress than the quality of the material or tool used, I believe that if you watch a series in Portuguese every day you will learn more than if you paid for a private lesson once a week, for example.

Another tip is every time after your classes, exercises or even at the end of that soap opera chapter, you write down in a notebook (or mentally, if your memory is better than mine), a single word that you learned that day. That will be your achievement parameter, thus helping to visualize your progress and measure your evolution over time, allowing you to celebrate advances and encourage yourself.

Here is my passion for Spanish, honestly I think the language is super sexy and is currently spoken in 20 countries with more than 500 million speakers around the world, according to this wonderful infographic, "The 100 Most Spoken Languages ​​Around the World"

I will also share with you some means that I use to have contact with the Spanish language.

1.) Pero Like: it is a channel managed by Buzzfeed, the staff strives to bring representative and fun content. (

2.)Roma is a Netflix production that I didn't watch, I confess, but just seeing the film's photography makes me happy and after the Oscars in 2019 it deserves my nomination.

3.) Rosália divine fairy, wonderful singer who honors her origins without giving up her creativity. (

4.) Barcelona is a life goal, best football team, best architectural city. Curiosity it is a Catalan city, it is worth researching the history and conflicts involved. (

Vista general del Temple pel costat de la façana del naixement

5.) Pablo Neruda Chilean idol a great representative of Latin America in literature.(

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