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May 1, 2020

Hi World. Crazy times we live in. Seven weeks ago we were watching the news and seeing our international community in China take precautions with COVID-19 and then one week later we were seeing the game Pandemic become a reality in world.

Here at Cream City Hostel, like many other hostels and tourist based businesses, we saw an almost 100% drop in business as communities around the world did what they needed to do to to protect each other's health. Summer is cancelled in Milwaukee and with that much of our tourism will be impacted until the Fall if not later.

We took the last six weeks as a staff to stay-at-home, work on marketing and deep clean the hostel while we figured out our next steps until August when events currently are looking to be scheduled in Milwaukee.  However as all businesses are doing right now- we're keeping an eye on the news, trends and what we need to do to keep a hostel in Milwaukee.

Nine years ago- I thought of a hostel in Milwaukee and now it's a reality as of last July. We weathered our first winter and was just starting to look at a much more full hostel this spring until COVID-19. Hence to say, we have had a tough year, and not even a year yet. Our staff is heart broken and the owners have been taking the last six weeks to find a new direction in a time that is so uncertain.

I will say bright spots during these last six weeks of reflection for me personally is that it has forced me to slow down, reflect and think about what's important in my life as I hear it has for many other people. We are a world connected and this has shown us that we are connected regardless if we can be there in person. We have had our live-in-staff still here during this time while they still need a home and family dinner nights, movies and board games and laughter over the table brings a smile to my face. The spirit of a hostel is lives within these walls even for the short eight months we've been open with over 25 different countries that have been represented by our travelers.

With that in mind- we still have a home that can be a home to folks during this time. We are changing to long term stays for the next few months to help with the prevention of COVID-19 to our communities and our community here in Milwaukee. We love our tourists and backpackers but right now is not the time to travel until we as a world find a solution on how to safely travel again.

We are offering 7, 14 and 30 day stays in our bunk rooms and our private rooms during this time. We are limiting the number of individuals in the hostel and common areas and increasing our cleaning procedures as a staff and asking guests to do the same. Guests are asked to follow the stay-at-home orders and only go to essential errands and work and reduce their exposure using masks when out.

We are offering full kitchen access, free wifi, outlets/shelf on each bed and each guest their own bunk bed and two storage units. We have security cameras, limited off-street parking for $50 per month.

To inquire about rates- email us at hello@creamcityhostel.com or call us at 414-510-2181 and leave a voicemail. Reservations can be made on our website for those number of days.

If you know of any individuals or families struggling with being in between housing right now- we are offering monthly scholarships via a Gofundme. We are accepting donations on our website as well and encourage anybody you know who might benefit to contact the hostel.

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